Art Program for Children

I designed an 8-day art & craft curriculum for Vacation Bible School (VBS), the program title is Weird Animals. The learning objective is to help children understand that everyone is unique, no matter who they are and what they do, they are loved.

1| Even when you are left out, Jesus loves you!

Day 1 – Skunk (their strange odours repel people)
Day 2 – Hippo (known as the 3rd dirtiest animal, according to

2| Even when you are different, Jesus loves you!

Day 3 – Owl (unlike many other animals, they stay awake at night!)
Day 3 Owl
Day 4 – Chameleon (unlike many other animals, they change colors!)

3 | Even when you don’t understand, Jesus loves you!

Day 5 – Goldfish (they are known to be forgetful, absent-minded)
Day 5 Goldfish
Day 6 – Worm (creatures literally without “brains”)

4 | Even when you do wrong, Jesus loves you!

Day 7 – Porcupine (their sharp quills hurt others)
Day 7 Porcupine
Day 8 – Jellyfish  (their stinging tentacles may hurt others)
Day 8 Jellyfish